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According to Patricia Warren, this can make socialising stale. Two of Charlotte's friends organised a singles party on Valentine's Day and 70 people turned up.

"It was very refreshing to be sat next to two people I didn't know," Charlotte says.

You need to be relaxed to flirt." In an ideal world, rural dwellers would go on dates in a local town and take a taxi home, she says, but in reality it's not that simple.

Driving is an unavoidable part of living in the country and something that people like Vittoria have to accept.

When I moved back to the country it occurred to me how hard it is to meet people.

She's an attractive 31-year-old from Hungerford in Berkshire with a successful career as a three-day event rider and a busy social diary.

"Jamie lives less than eight miles away but I'd never met him.

It turned out my parents knew his parents and I was friends with his brother." However, in the past five years, social networking sites have revolutionised rural dating.

"Find a dating buddy; someone who is in the same situation as you," she says.

"Single friends will also give you moral support if you're feeling depressed about meeting the third frog in a row." If you've been brought up in a country community, the chances are you will already know a lot of the people living locally.

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