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Two months after that surprise appearance, Jenny was seen rocking a solid rock at a Sting concert.

In addition to her successful career, Jennifer Aniston’s popularity surged due to her romance with another Hollywood beloved, Brad Pitt.She started things off with the actor and screenwriter almost immediately after their second encounter.After a 15-month whirlwind romance, they were engaged in 2012 and married in August 2015. Rumors surfaced that while Jen was married to Justin, she kept love notes from her days with Brad.Aniston’s relationship with Tate Donovan was widely considered as her first real relationship (no hard feelings to Mr. Donovan had broken off his engagement with Sandra Bullock, so the world thought Aniston would go right into his life and fix everything that was broken. They made a couple of red carpet appearances together and soon got engaged.However, like Donovan’s immediate past relationship, the engagement was only short-lived as they soon broke things off. Donovan guest starred in Friends as Aniston’s character, Green’s love interest.

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