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Even if you don’t sign up for the advising service, the Personal Capital free investment and finance management tools are hugely valuable and worth a look.

So Fi is a top destination for highly educated young professionals to refinance student loans, but the company has grown to include a range of financial services, including other loans and investment management.

Compared to expensive, old-school financial advisors, robo-advisors will leave you with more money in the end, as they charge fewer fees, offer tax loss harvesting and choose time-tested index fund strategies to help you reach your goal as efficiently as possible.

If you are on the hunt for a robo-advisor, be on the lookout for fees, tax loss harvesting, investment fund fees and the track record of your top choices compared to major market benchmarks, like the S&P 500.

Pricing is a bit more expensive than most other ​robo-advisors, as you are paying for a human as well.

If you have existing loans at So Fi, you won’t pay fees for wealth management.

If you only use the investing service, you’ll pay no fees up to a ,000 portfolio, beating the portfolio size for free investing at Wealthfront, and charges a competitive .25 percent for balance over ,000. So Fi Wealth members get more than computer investment management, however.

Here’s how they work: Robo-advisors are computer automated investment platforms.

After signing up and filling out a short survey answering questions about your age, retirement goals and risk tolerance, the robo-advisor will put together an optimal portfolio for your goals and automatically manage it to stay on track over time.

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