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This makes the resulting contract void or voidable. Duress: Since mutual assent must be voluntary, if the consent is acquired by force or the threat of force and against the will of one of the parties, the consent is ineffective. Physical force: If physical force or the threat of immediate physical force is used to compel a party to agree to a contract, the resulting contract is void. Economic force: In some cases, the duress comes in the form of economic and social coercion.If these threats leave the party with no reasonable alternative, but to agree to the contract, the resulting contract is voidable at the option of the offeree.The material is made even more accessible by the use of more than 220 classroom-tested figures, tables, diagrams, concept reviews, and chapter summaries.

He is Professor of Business Law Emeritus at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is past president of the Southeastern Regional Business Law Association. He has written numerous articles on such topics as antitrust, products liability, constitutional law, banking law, employment law and business associations. Formation and Internal Relations of General Partnerships. Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. In these relationships, there is a danger that one party who is in a dominant position may persuade the weaker party to accept terms that are disadvantageous.This is especially a source of concern where one party is overly dependent due to age, failing health, inability to speak English or understand the customs of this country, etc.

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Accurate, relevant, and thoroughly up-to-date, BUSINESS LAW AND THE REGULATION OF BUSINESS, 13E continues to set the standard by providing students with a straightforward look at the fundamentally important statutory and case law that affects business today.

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