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Luckily, the Ubuntu 18.04 package can be installed in Ubuntu 18.10, but any upgrade through "apt upgrade" or using the Software Updater will upgrade this package, which I don't want.So try not to prevent too many packages from upgrades, especially libraries.From the same series: How To Search Available Packages From Command Line In Debian, Ubuntu Or Linux Mint [APT] Here are 3 ways of preventing a package from updating in Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint. Prevent package updates using a GUI: Synaptic Package Manager Synaptic Package Manager, a Gtk graphical package management program for apt, can lock packages which prevents them from being updated.And for those interested in more detail, please review the Terminal v0.4 release notes.Settings Updates is Now in Local State The file has been moved from the Roaming State folder to the Local State folder.

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