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Sometimes there are better friends outside of the marriage than inside.. In fact, I heard about a woman who divorced her husband because he wouldn't sleep with her unless it was for the purpose of having a baby.The Bible does list this as a blessing of marriage, but all of nature, especially rabbits, mice and rats procreate really well!Christian Connection has a free three-day trial membership that allows members to create a profile, search other members' profiles, send and receive emails, and read and contribute to discussion boards.

MARRIAGEWhen you look at THE marriage passage in the Bible (Ephesians 5) you'll see an interesting progression. It is a symbol, a precious lesson book of the union between Christ and His church.

Does a biblical understanding of the roles and purpose of marriage really make a difference in the amount of happiness a couple will experience?

If the results are the same, you would have to conclude that it doesn't, right?

It seems like everything is against the idea of marriage. But he knew would not remain one with Him, but that sin would come in and mar the work of His hands.

It was designed to teach us valuable lessons on how to become one with God. Each of those relationships call for a denial of self. Therefore, it would be a tool for the working out of our own salvation.

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