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His grandparents were in fact owned by the Ranevsky family before freedom was granted to the serfs.

Lopakhin is extremely self-conscious, especially in the presence of Ranevsky, perpetually complaining about his lack of education and refinement, which he attributes to his upbringing as a peasant on Ranevsky's estate. He has several intriguing verbal habits; he frequently describes tricky billiards shots at odd and inappropriate times.

Varya is hard-working and responsible and has a similar work ethic to Lopakhin.

She is also something of cry-baby, often in tears; but this may reflect her sense of powerlessness, as she is the one character in the play who may be most affected by the loss of the estate.

Simon Yephikodov - Yephikodov is a clerk at the Ranevsky estate.

He is a source of amusement for all the other workers and amusement for all the other workers, who refer to him as "Simple Simon".

“Russia is our great orchard,” says the author of (1816).

This phrase can be considered the central idea of the poem through this masterpiece of literature is nothing else but a demonstration of the crucial moment that took place in Russia.

Firs - Ranevsky's eighty-seven-year-old manservant. Firs is always talking about how things were in the past on the estate, when the estate was prosperous, and the master went to Paris by carriage, instead of by train; most importantly, he frequently talks about how life was before the serfs were freed. He is the only surviving link to the estate's glorious past, and he comes to symbolize that past.They only demonstrate the type of people who pass ideological and social challenges of those times.All of them are weighed down with legacy and consequences of serfdom.She is the estate's manager, so she will lose her job if Ranevsky loses the estate, but, lacking money or a husband, she has no control over its fate or her own.Anya - Ranevksy's biological daughter, Anya is seventeen years old. She greatly enjoys the company of Trofimov and his lofty idealism, and is quick to comfort her mother after the loss of her orchard.

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Yermolay Lopakhin - A businessman, and the son of peasants on Ranevsky's estate.

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