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While most squawks and chatrooms simply regurgitate news, Shadow Trader uses its proprietary method of market internals combined with market profile to predict the market’s moves and profit from them all day long.

Founded on a methodology developed by Peter Reznicek, the Squawk is currently moderated by Brad Augunas, Scott Gillam, and Peter Reznicek.

input Labels = ;#Hint Labels: Labels at top of chart.

#12/28/12: Made the plot hide on daily charts and updated code to current standards.

#02/02/12: Small update to make sure “Auto Pivots” menu option functioned properly. #07/13/12: Added value bubbles, removed proximity plot function.

#06/07/12: Added (6)VPOC inputs, should be manually entered/deleted, displays when applicable. #08/13/12: Removed a lot of superfluous code plus a few upgrades.

#01/04/13: Fixed a rare bug that hides labels if using tick charts.

#01/28/13: Added ability to hide each individual level.

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