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Use this model to solve the following: A) What was the population of the city in 1994?B) By what % is the population of the city increasing each year?Even the best athletes and musicians had help along the way and lots of practice, practice, practice, to get good at their sport or instrument.To get the most out of these, you should work the problem out on your own and then check your answer by clicking on the link for the answer/discussion for that problem.

Plugging in 60 for A and solving for t we get: Since we are looking for when, what variable do we need to find? What are we going to plug in for A in this problem? Plugging 200000 for A in the model we get: t is the amount of time that has past.Since we are looking for the age of the paintings, what variable are we looking for? It looks like we don’t have any values to plug into A or Ao.However, the problem did say that the paintings that were found contained 20% of the original carbon-14.If the information for time is given in dates, you need to convert it to how much time has past since the initial time.For example, if the model is set up at an initial year of 2000 and you need to find out what the value is in the year 2010, t would be 2010 - 2000 = 10 years.

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