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When clicked, the media tab that appears on every profile page opens up a number of media options—albums, photos, videos, music, playlist, and documents.

Here you can upload media, add comments, and create albums and slideshows.

On a social networking site, media elements play an important part, and rt Media can handle these elements efficiently.

There’s not much you have to do by way of configuration with this plugin.

When it comes to new members, group admins can select any one of the five options and apply it group-wide.

The daily mail will be a digest of all the emails from the group that the user is subscribed to.

They include a shortcode generator, sidebar widgets for uploaders and galleries, an extension for Instagram effects, a view counter, and a custom thumbnail for audio/video.

A good number of these social networking websites rely on Buddy Press for building their community platform.Users can choose from five subscription levels—daily, weekly, as soon as there is any activity, or whenever there is a new topic.Of course, they can also choose not to receive any email at all.Users can also choose to follow or to mute any discussion.The group admin has overriding powers and can send out emails to all subscribers irrespective of their subscription status.

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