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Klein was just launching his denim line, and knew Brooke – or as he referred to her, “the most beautiful girl in the world” – just had to model his jeans.Her good looks, however, were not enough for the Calvin Klein televised commercial producers, who tried to push through socially accepted norms by making Brooke speak out a highly suggestive sentence that would emphasize the sexuality behind the ad.This wise move later placed her on the path to what would eventually become a long career in Hollywood.Soon enough that very same tiny toddler turned into a gem of a girl, and attempted to live life the way it should be lived – simply and peacefully.Cain said in the same interview that “There was nothing I did to her that I’m ashamed of in any shape or form.” Later, Brooke said it would have occurred earlier had she had a better self-image.For many youngsters in the United States, turning 21 is a milestone well-worthy of a celebration.

Pictured are Scott and Brooke, attending the CBS Television Competition Special. Cruising along a newsstand, fashion guru and all-American designer Calvin Klein landed his eyes on Shields and immediately knew he was looking at an “it” girl.

After taking upon herself the role of managing Brooke’s career, Teri could not handle the pressure, turned into an alcoholic and completely took over Brooke’s life – both on professional and personal levels. At only 11-years-old, Brooke was involved in some very questionable scenes on screen, which enticed contradicting views of the film.

While some argued having a minor in a film of this nature was groundbreaking, others claimed that it was inappropriate use of a child.

It didn’t take long for Shields to become one of the most recognizable faces in the U. Back then, being a young actress and lucrative model was a rare combo, which could explain why her day rate was around ,000 by the time she turned 16.

She appeared on various national Vogue covers in America, Italy, and France, and became a frequent attendee at Studio 54, a hip and buzzing New York nightclub.

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Now, she unveils the truth about her time in the spotlight.

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