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However, the term Britannia persisted as the Latin name for the island.The Historia Brittonum claimed legendary origins as a prestigious genealogy for Brittonic kings, followed by the Historia Regum Britanniae which popularised this pseudo-history to support the claims of the Kings of England.So as any girl would I left it up him to make the next move, didn’t want to go overboard and be too keen.Oh did I forget to mention he’s BBC but so much more western than me.He texts me and says he had a good time etc, very general and I responded with a bit of tongue and cheek to a statement he said.After that its been pretty quiet, nothing not a bleep!Although none of his own writings remain, writers during the time of the Roman Empire made much reference to them.Pytheas called the islands collectively (Prettanoi), Priteni, Pritani or Pretani.

The progressive political unification of the British Isles facilitated migration, cultural and linguistic exchange, and intermarriage between the peoples of England, Scotland and Wales during the late Middle Ages, early modern period and beyond.

That wasn’t much of an ‘issue’ back a couple years when I stepped out on a long term relationship – but now with a few years down the block and those birthdays seems to be closer and closer you start to think is it time to really start looking and making more or an effort?

Mr Right isn’t going to drop down from the ceiling so I have bravely and somewhat secretively signed up on an online dating site.

To make this short and sweet the below points pretty much sums me up!

British nationality law governs modern British citizenship and nationality, which can be acquired, for instance, by descent from British nationals.

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