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At first we just told each other stories back and forth in our dorm rooms, later our living rooms,…

Both Marling and Cahill admit they wrote the script together with the intention of a story heavily inspired by their dual love of science fiction, and the prospect of confronting one’s self and an American writer, producer, director, and actress.She first gained heady recognition at the 27th Sundance Film Festival in 2011 with the premier of “Another Earth” which she co-wrote and co-directed with dabbled in acting with school plays during her younger days in school, she ended up attending college at Georgetown University where she majored in economics and art, graduating in I feel grateful you shared your story with us. It brought tears to my eyes and made me feel as though we had made something useful, which is a beautiful feeling. turn your sound👆🏽@matsor composed the theme music for Part II (and Part I). I have read every book @Naomi AKlein has ever written — she’s a lighthouse in these turbulent times. The trees had their own internet communication through fungal… As a screenwriter constantly trying to find ways to dramatize the power of the tribe or partnership over the lone hero this essay by #Rebecca Solnit was very moving to me 🙌🏽…For me the music he wrote for the theme over the credit sequence captures completely the feeling of a… I have been telling stories with @z_al one way or another since we met when I was 18.

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