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Then in the first season of “Rock of Love”, Michaels fell in love with Jess Rickleff but unfortunately things did not work with this beautiful blonde so he became entangled with Ambre Lake.

I am still confused because I never thought there was a spark between them. Reality Are you still in contact with Bret Michaels? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: He knows how to find me. Reality So does that mean you are not dating right now? Her acting career never really took off according to her biographical data.She is known for his performance in the documentary High Voltage (1999), and The Low Budget (The Making of a Death Row letter).Bret's eyes gave him away when he told Mindy that if she had told him how she felt the show may have ended different. Brett never even saw Taya for 3 month after the who was filmed.

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In season two, he picked Ambre Lake but broke up with her as well.

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