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Or let him know you felt like he was too aggressive, so next time he'll know to be a little more laid back.

You could be at a point in your life when you want to prioritize your friendships, and that's TOTALLY FINE. Sometimes you just don't totally click with someone.As far as being nice goes, this is probably the meanest. So if you're doing this, make sure you let him know that you understand if he doesn't want to be friends.Sure, friendship sounds nice in theory because you like this person and you want to be friends with him! Do you really want someone telling you they like your personality, but they're essentially not attracted enough to you to want anything more?! As much as it sucks, the fact of the matter is it's the truth.Can taking a relationship break make you appreciate each other again? One writer’s own relationship break changed her views. Time apart may refresh romance but it won’t change the fundamentals of a relationship – shared values, interest and respect.Here’s why it worked for her – and when it doesn’t Whenever I heard someone say they were taking a break from their relationship, I used to roll my eyes. I thought that taking a break could mean only one of two things: either they want to see other people without sacrificing the cosiness of a committed relationship or they know they’re wildly unsuited but neither is brave enough to go it alone. Eighteen months ago I met a wonderful man, 10 years older than me.

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It's the "reason why" part of the process that gets a little tricky. That's the part that saves the person from going crazy over-analyzing the cumulative 10 hours you spent together and trying to figure out what in the world he did wrong. So I made a list of 12 perfectly valid "reasons why" to go along with the "I can't do this" portion of your breakup.

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  2. You mentioned you loved a certain brand name on Facebook and the next thing you know, they’re talking about how cool it is. They’re trying to create a connection so that you believe you’re soul mates or something. So if you and your partner seem too alike, it might not be a perfect relationship — you’re probably dating a perfect phony. You need to cool your heels and really figure out what this guy’s up to because moving too fast usually results in a relationship that dies just as quickly. Giulia Simolo Giulia is a freelance writer living in Johannesburg, South Africa.