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Not all Boomers are finding love on official dating sites, incidentally - but they may still find it online.

“On my dating site, I've spoken with many Baby Boomer women who are joining my site because they are lonely and are looking for more ways to meet a life partner to enjoy their golden years with,” he said.You just need the courage to put yourself out there. You may think you are past the stage of dating, or finding love, your not.I was just over 50 when I met my love through online dating.There are lots of singles in our generation like you who are facing so many days and nights alone.Now come on, don’t say you are too old to care – I know that can’t be true. Who wants to be alone, especially in our twilight years.

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Possibly you find yourself alone because your partner has unfortunately passed. It’s not so much that you are that old, after all you are still young at heart, it’s more that your opportunities to find a love relationship is more difficult. Some boomers have lots of family around, some don’t.

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