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An NCAA spokeswoman, upon request for comment, forwarded the association’s database on race and gender demographics, which contains some of the information Harper requested.

On black athletes in Division I, NCAA president Mark Emmert said the following in a statement in November: “Student-athletes are reaching their academic goals and earning degrees at record rates.

There is always room for improvement in every measurement of academic and athletic achievement and we are committed to constant improvement in all areas of our program." Louisiana State did not respond to a request for comment.

Harper relied on federal graduation rates for his study, as well as the NCAA’s data on athletes on scholarship to demonstrate that despite few black men enrolling in these universities, their big-time sports teams often are composed primarily of black men.

Date whoever you want, but don’t downgrade your race, because no matter what you say, your mom, grandmother, aunts, cousins and etc are all black women, so if you talking down to black women you are talking down to your blood.

Redskins Lyndon Antonio Trail on his personal Facebook page asked the question why do so many black athletes date white women.

This also relates to the stereotype that black men have more athletic prowess than smarts, which can be quite damaging, Harper said.

Harper noted the professional leagues recruit a minuscule portion of college athletes, less than 2 percent, which leaves many players with few options once they have graduated, if they have done so.

Institutions that highly prioritize sports will use every resource in the athletics departments to recruit black male athletes, sometimes from high schools with a poor academic record, and then don’t provide them the necessary support once they enter college, Harper said.

The top three institutions for graduation rates of black male athletes were Northwestern University at 88 percent, followed by Vanderbilt University and University of Notre Dame, both at 86 percent.

Conversely, the University of Florida, the University of Georgia and Louisiana State University had the lowest graduation rates, at 37 percent, 36 percent and 34 percent, respectively.

“Somehow, there is considerably less institutional anxiety about potential affirmative action backlash when coaches do all that is necessary to recruit Black men for participation on revenue-generating sports teams.” The report also shows that only about 12 percent of the head coaches for men’s basketball are black, as are 15 percent of athletics directors. Harper advocates in the report for new commissions at multiple levels: institutionally, among the conferences and the NCAA.

These panels would be charged with developing disaggregated data reports on athletes so college leaders could figure out how best to fix these disparities.

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