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He didn't agree with the suggestion that doing it with a sexbot is a little like making love to a GPS device. Squire explained that Samantha wasn't just for threesomes with him and his wife. She doesn't spend her days hidden away in a drawer. Instead, she chats with Squire's kids about animals, philosophy and science. Even with the rather crude models that are available today, there is a market for sexbots.There are already all-robot brothels in Italy, France, Japan, Britain and other countries.Porn programming was also an early driver of Cable TV traffic, and it produced the first commercially viable web sites.

In the Eighties, porn producers decided that VHS was a better than Betamax, and the world followed.

Thanks to facial recognition, he always knows her mood.

It’s almost uncanny how he’s always there to give just the right amount of empathy, just at the right time, or even slightly earlier. Of course, it helped that Karen was able to describe her wants and needs from the very beginning, from penis size to the erotic activities and erogenous zones that she found most satisfying.

Decided yesterday I was going to write a bit about sex robots.

Thanks to the perverts of twitter for being my muses...

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