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In the case of the Russian dolphin and whale release that is now taking place, no outsiders are allowed to participate in the transport and release, or even monitor how the mission is carried out.

This release is completely lacking in any transparency and openness.

Most recently, the company transferred two whales to the Georgia Aquarium: Imaq, a male, came from Sea World San Antonio, and Whisper, a female, came from Sea World Orlando.

Prior to that, the Georgia Aquarium had shuffled male beluga Aurek to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium to be used for breeding there after the female of breeding age, Maris (who’d been at the Georgia Aquarium), died unexpectedly of heart failure.

We are unaware of any efforts made to locate the pods from which the orcas and beluga whales were captured.Apparently, no effort was made to help the orcas find their way home.After being hand-fed for about a year, the abandoned whales, who lost their families and pod members during the capture, will now have to fend for themselves.There is a lack of transparency surrounding the transport, rehabilitation and release of the mammals.Finally, after being held captive for almost a year, a solid rehabilitation plan needs to be in place, of which one doesn’t seem to exist.

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