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I've always thought getting a tattoo in a romantic context was rather foolish." Finlayson has admitted that she used to go for the "stereotypical bad boy" and was very surprised when she "came out with a geek".

The reality show's bosses shocked contestants with a twist this year, by introducing male 'beauty' Troy and female 'geek' Helen.

Episode 5: 5 November 2009 The boys got a makeover in the hopes of improving their confidence.

Armed with cryptic clues, they'll work together to track down three eliminated contestants scattered throughout the city.

The first two teams to find their friends and return to the mansion will battle it out for the 0,000 prize.

This week also contained the first team challenge, with the beauties and geeks teaming up for a special soap opera challenge with the help of Home and Away stars Ada Nicodemou and Luke Jacobz.

Episode 6: November 12, 2009 As the Beauties become tour guides for a night at the museum, the Geeks take matters of the heart to a new level as they host a special radio Love Hotline.

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