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Rich has crafted an identity as a metal guitar company, it actually started as one of the first boutique electric-guitar makers—it was among the first to introduce neck-through-body 24-fret guitars and heelless neck joints. He didn’t work on the guitars himself—he chose to focus on day-to-day operations—but instead hired luthiers from Paracho, Mexico, which is widely regarded as the guitar capital of that country.

In the mid ’50s, Bernado Mason Rico purchased the store from the Candelas guitar shop and opened his namesake store.

While VK may be most popular with younger users (ages 18-34), older social media users generally prefer the social media site OK (originally Odnoklassniki – “classmates”)over 31.5 million viewers a month, with the majority (69%) being women.

Here are eight of the social media platforms that are best at connecting with Russian users.

These issues were quickly addressed without question, and problem instruments were repaired or replaced even many years past the one-year warranty.

In 1968, Bernie made his first electric solid body using a Fender neck.

This led to his first attempts at guitar production in the form of about ten Les Paul-shaped guitars and basses modeled after the Gibson EB-3.

Just about the time Bernie was getting ready to put the Seagull on the market, Bernie brought in Neal Moser to add his State-of-the-art electronics to the Seagull which helped to separate it from all other guitar brands.

The Seagull was introduced at the January 1974 NAMM Show. Rich’s intention was to make a production-line custom guitar with high quality and craftsmanship that was very expensive for the day,” says Stich. From there I went to Valley Arts in Studio City in LA.

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