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They've positioned themselves on the classic alignment grid of Law/Chaos & Good/Evil as a way of simplifying thier ethics.

Most of these large alliances have in turn entered into a Non-Agression Pact where they have agreed not to attempt to take the 6 Towers adjacent to other participating Settlements.

Eventually this feature will be replaced by a more cohesive and interconnected feature of player-built structures and economic interrelationships but we wanted to have a meaningful reason to engage in Pv P and territorial control before that future feature is implemented. There are 6 Towers in the Hexes immediately surrounding each Settlement.

I did attempt to get his attention through Roleplay but didn't get a responce either in or out of character.There are lots of other Towers scattered throughout the wilderness.Controlling more increases the degree of training available above that offered by NPC Settlements.Propaganda has begun to circulate to raise interest and sow doubts in various coalitions.Players are actively recruiting for new members to aid in the War of Towers and in gathering and crafting resources to aid the war efforts.

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We are able to see a lot of activity and we thought we'd highlight some of the developments for a larger audience.

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