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For Architectural Desktop users, it is interesting to note that not only are the Drawing Units important in controlling the output but using the Architectural Format for the Field itself causes erroneous output as illustrated above right with the Space Object.To remedy this error produced by reading the width and depth as feet and inches ( e.g., 50' becomes 50/12 = 4.166 and 50'x50' becomes 17.361 sq. ), you can set the Field Format to Decimal and add the "Sq. As stated earlier, Fields can be used to tap into the current drawing's data but if you want to tap into another drawing's data, you'll need to invest in the Sheet Set Manager ( type "SSM") which is basically a subset of Architectural Desktop's Project Navigator.If you are just getting acquainted with the Field Object in Auto CAD or Architectural Desktop, I recommend that you start using it in areas that have an obvious benefit and instant return on the investment in time and labor.A good example of this is on drawing Titleblocks for information such as the current drawing's filename, date and network location.Once the Sheet Set Manager has been utilized to associate a Saved View with a Sheet, the View List tab will allow you to track and manage these linked Views and consequentially, new data is available for a Field to tap into.

Though this gray box does not print, I find it rather annoying when looking at a lot of Fields so knowing how to toggle it On and Off is nice.

This is the realm where Fields become most valuable because it provides a tool for threading data to a linear source.

In other words, consider for example, how often designers use callout bubbles to expand on information on another sheet at another scale and how often those numbers have to be correlated up until the very last day of a project.

This Field will monitor the Zoom Scale of the Viewport and always report the true scale.

To update the field after a change to the Viewport Scale, be sure to type "Re" or "Rea".

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