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There are a ton of ways to improve the performance of a website, let’s look at fifteen of them.The first thing to do is gather a baseline of your application’s performance.Sometimes you’ll make a change to the site, thinking it will improve performance, but it will actually reduce performance.Although not quite a black art, performance tuning gives you unexpected results.

For Java Script, concatenating the scripts together into a single file using a tool like webpack, gulp or grunt can bundle together all the Java Script into a single file.

Add to this the fact that browsers limit the number of requests they will make to a single server at once, and it becomes apparent that reducing the number of HTTP requests is a great optimization.

When optimizing web page loading, it is important to understand the difference between latency and bandwidth.

Obviously, this will vary slightly from site to site so be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

The HTTP protocol is not a particularly efficient protocol and, by default, there is no compression of the content.

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