Are tila tequila and ray j dating

And last night, she kept hinting at going to her baby daddy's studio. She's probably not even really in a couple weeks/months, she's gonna claim that she miscarried... She is fugly on the inside and outside, and is just a waste.. She gets around...first she did two mtv love shows last year, f-ed ray j, shawn marriem, casey, now game.(all in a year's span) does her p.u.s.s.y EVER rest? i can't tell who is talking to who with all the @ signs and crap..order seems so out of whack.

i was on the floor with all these comments, so so true. Who in their right mind would want to parent a child with crazy azz Tila? ALL DUDES & CHICKS NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS PSYCHOTIC ATTENTION WHORE!!! She is such a dumb slut..seriously why do all these blogs keeps giving her exactly what she wants. it is posted recent to oldest, so when i come on here i'm supposed to start from the bottom? oh and about this story--could care less if she is preggers, who fathered it, what it looks like or anything else about this chick--she is a mess.

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ok iam confuse I thought the game was happily married i swear i saw him on an interview talking about he is retired & spending some time with the wife in kids(smh) I mean yesterday it was Ashanti i heard might be messing with the game.

Anywhoo & tila is just crazy & why do these men still sleep with her.

Then she says hes not AMERICAN, 6'2, green eyes that turn blue, Swedish, Firefighter, EMT, Doesnt like fame, Not known.

Then She changed to he was "well known" in the same industry as her, Entertainer.

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