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Playing their last show for their fifth studio album The Con Tegan and Sara Quin played the same set I saw in Los Angeles but in an abbreviated form.

I always enjoy seeing them but do not enjoy it as much when the sisters are trapped into a time frame.

Posted in Entertainment, Music, tagged Broken Social Scene, February 2009 Vancouver, Fiest Broken Social Scene, Give chase, Olympic Cultural Event Vancouver 2010, Orpheum Theater Vancouver, Sara Quin, Tegan and Sara, Tegan and Sara Sixth Album, Tegan Quin Lyndsey Byrnes on February 12, 2009| Leave a Comment » Last weekend while I was visiting Vancouver in the lovely Canada I had the opportunity to catch one of the city’s Cultural events which are leading up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

At the Orpheum theater which is gorgeous and huge my BFF and I caught the always intriguing and wonderful Tegan and Sara with Broken Social Scene wrapping up the evenings festivities.

For any minority, this seems to come with the territory.

She wondered aloud if we wouldn’t make more progress by just crying rather than yelling and being angry. Is it in part our anger and our frustration that adds to their anger and judgment?

Ignoring the fact that, regardless of how it looks from the outside, yours is filled with the same love, compassion, and values. 67% of people who voted No on Prop 8 were under 30! As Melissa Etheridge wrote in a recent article, “Gay people are born everyday.

I feel rage when I imagine the Prop Yes people celebrating, thinking they’ve won something, when, in fact, they’ve just stolen something. As the days have passed, I’m becoming focused and I am starting to feel brave again. You’ll never legislate that away.” As I type, I feel hopeful. As an example, below are some quotes from Paul Martin, the former Prime Minister of Canada, who, three years ago, stood before Parliament and defended the rights of gay people.

Usually this means they have to rush a bit and do not have time to breathe and allow their normal fun banter to naturally occur.

Though there were some funny moments like when Tegan’s shirt poppped open and all the women in the crowd started screaming take it off.

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I pay taxes, I obey the law, and I respect my place in the community and strive to be successful in it. I am fueled by the idea that my life as a message dismantles the public’s image of gay people as sexual deviants, as less than, as being abnormal.

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