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According to the indictment, between October 7, 2014 through May 2, 2018 the 26 criminals charged in Los Angeles participated in mail fraud, bank fraud, and wire fraud by “transporting, transmitting, and transfering funds from place in the United States to a place outside the United States,” “conducting and attempting to conduct, financial transactions, affecting interstate and foreign commerce,” and …

“knowing that the property involved in the financial activity represented the proceeds of unlawful activity, and knowing the transactions were designed in whole and in part to conceal and disguise the nature, location, source, ownership, and control of the proceeds.” They are also charged with “engaging and attempting to engage in monetary transactions involving criminally derived property of a value greater than ,000, affecting interstate and foreign commerce.”Title 18 Section 1343 (wire fraud)Title 18 Section 1341 (mail fraud)Title 18 Section 1344(2) (bank fraud)There are SO MANY STORIES to be told out of this indictment and the corresponding criminal complaint that it might take several days to get through them all.

This was one of several provable lies in the interviews.

The company had ordered some oil extraction equipment and was sent bank account information as to where to send the funds.

A few hours later, the Texas company received new communications, indicating the previous banking details were incorrect and providing new account information.

AWAK also communicated about laundering these funds using the name “HANOI BATTERY JSC” and the email [email protected]

AWAK also used the name “Kwee Tin Law” with that email address. had over 0,000 in his account, he didn’t wait for the check to clear, which had a hold on it because it appeared to come from a Canadian bank.

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The criminal complaint shares the details of thirty separate scams that are all connected, primarily via the two primary defendants, Valentine IRO and Chukwudi IGBOKWE.

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