Android validating input data

You just need to check if an error message is set for any of the elements or not. How would you handle validation of other elements on a form?

If it is, then the form is not valid: I created this method in the Contact Validator Factory class and then called it from the submit method tied to the submit button on the form.

Now, the last step is to set this validator onto the text fields of interest.

Since I wanted it set in all the text fields in my Activity, I created a “factory” class to set up the validation on all the text fields: The 3 lines of code highlighted in adds the on text change listener to the text box.

There are just two small additions: The final step in the validation is to make sure that the form is only submitted for further processing if there are no validation errors.

Since the Activity keeps track of the state of all of its component elements, this becomes an easy task.

For example if we want to get the user’s email we can check the entered email is a valid email or not before storing it inside the database.

Validation Error; import com.mobsandgeeks.saripaar. Validator; import com.mobsandgeeks.saripaar.annotation. Checked; import com.mobsandgeeks.saripaar.annotation. Confirm Password; import com.mobsandgeeks.saripaar.annotation. Email; import com.mobsandgeeks.saripaar.annotation. Length; import com.mobsandgeeks.saripaar.annotation.

I have heard lots of questions about how to develop for Android OS lately, so I’ve made a point to explore more about native Android programming.

Specifically, effective and efficient (and cool looking! I started by working on a small mobile application that would require individuals to enter contact […] I started by working on a small mobile application that would require individuals to enter contact information.

Read on for what I did, and the tips and tricks I learned along the way!

I like the display cue of the red icon (which can be customized) and the hover text which displays when each field has focus.

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Then I created a concrete class that extends the Text Validator class and implements the validate method: I highlighted in the two key elements of this class, that it extends Text Validator, and how to get the cool “icon” and error message.

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