American attitudes on interracial dating

No one should date interracially due to external pressures.If Barack Obama won his presidential campaign with a black woman at his side, it’s certainly not necessary for, say, a businessman to date interracially for the purpose of upward mobility."Recognizing your culture, accepting it and getting to this place where you accept the idea that, 'there are a lot of different cultures out there, and I’m not gonna insist on being dominant.'" Cashin said much of the racial conflict we experience today is a clash of world views. "There’s all this social science that shows, for example, a white person that has a black friend, that predicts a greater empathy for the things black people experience," she said.In the past, interracial friendships weren’t as common.In an ideal world, people wouldn’t enter romantic relationships for what they stand to gain from their partners.This isn’t to say that every successful minority who dates or marries interracially does so with ulterior motives.

The idea of dating interracially to gain social status may seem peculiar.

Cashin is clear that she isn’t for or against interracial dating. "Love will make you do uncomfortable things," she said.

"It’s not for me to tell anybody who to date," she said. Wisconsin Public Radio and welcome civil, on-topic comments and opinions that advance the discussion from all perspectives of an issue.

After all, interracial couples face discrimination that may lead to distinct disadvantages.

Because the United States remains racially stratified, however, it’s considered advantageous for members of oppressed groups to pair up with those of more powerful groups.

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