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Population and economic growth were spurred by improvements in access to water and the installment of the Tobacco Factory in 1782.The accumulation of capital brought by tobacco plantations allowed the city to economically surpass neighboring provinces.Today San José is a modern city with bustling commerce and brisk expressions of art and architecture.

These educational institutions range from pre-schools to universities.

According to The Master Card Global Destinations Cities Index 2012, San José the sixth-most visited destination in Latin America, ranking first among Central America.

The population of San José grew during the eighteenth-century colonization planning, which was different from the traditional foundation plans of Spanish cities in the continent of Central America.

The first modern urban neighborhood carries the name of his founder, the French coffee entrepreneur Monsieur Amon, and was created in the late 19th century, in line with Belle Époque contemporary architecture.

Barrio Amon, as well as the National Theatre, remain symbols of the so-called Costa Rican coffee golden age.

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