Alex pettyfer dating dianna agron

What firefighters couldn’t get under control is how hot I look in these daisy dukes.

All relationship and family history information shown on Fame Chain has been compiled from data in the public domain.

The couple are now back together and also announced their engagement.

It is 2017 and Alex and Marloes are going stronger more than ever.

“Dianna is terrified of [Alex],” a pal explains, adding that he “absolutely lost it” and threatened Agron during a vicious phone chat. ’ Alex was always really controlling, and she finally had enough.” Dianna, 24, was spotted wearing a diamond band on her left ring finger at recent press events.

But do note that it is not possible to be certain of a person's genealogy without a family's cooperation (and/or DNA testing).

and so is the engagement.” Also in maybe related news, his house caught fire Thursday evening.

Firefighters managed to get it under control in 24 minutes.

A report said it was because Dianna was jealous over a photoshoot he did before they started dating.

Today, another report says it’s because Alex Pettyfer is a crazy, controlling boyfriend and has now turned into a psycho ex-boyfriend. An insider tells Us that Agron is staying at a hotel under an alias and Pettyfer has been “a psycho loose cannon.” No one likes a psycho loose cannon but according to those cop movies I used to watch, they get the job done. 18, according to an eyewitness, he got into a heated confrontation at a West Hollywood club with actor Sebastian Stan — furiously accusing the Black Swan star of hooking up with Agron.

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The soon to be 27 year old actor was born in Hertfordshire and did his schooling in the UK.

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