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This mode is active when the GPS data is not valid/available or the digital clock selector is on the “INT” position.

Several companies were hit by hours of system warnings after 15 GPS satellites broadcast the wrong time, according to time-monitoring company Chronos.

This looks like its an external factor, and not an internal clock failure.

More than one airline had these same problems around the same time, and the AOG desks had many requests for the same p/n clock to order.

It appeared that around that date the GPS time transmitted a wrong time, caused by one satellite that was decommissioned by the US Air Force (USAF).

The time transmitted was off by 13 microseconds and that may have caused the clocks to get into the stressed mode, causing strange behaviour and thus producing many logbook entries made by the crew.

So maybe, if you had any clock failures or irragularities, also on the 737, it may have been caused by this satellite issue.

A USAF spokeswoman confirmed that the error had been pushed to the satellites by “ground system software”.

“Our support manager was rung at [],” said Chronos chief executive Prof Charles Curry.

The company observed problems last week, after noticing some GPS time signals were 13 microseconds out.

Such a discrepancy is considered severe and several Chronos telecoms clients faced “12 hours” of system errors.

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Additional, the manufacturer of certain clocks writes this: Dear Operators, This Flight Operations Letter (FOL) intends to update operators about erratic display of Elapsed Time and/or Chronometer occurrences.

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