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I have a strong moral compass and deep empathy for others. I have a deep respect for nature and I believe in social justice and equality.

I’m in wonder of the universe around me and the human spirit. And you guessed right- if I am skeptical that God exists, then I don’t believe in evil, the devil, hell, heaven or the afterlife.

We discuss character, morals and the difference between right and wrong.

We discuss Hanukah and play with dradles every year.

On the contrary, I am firm and confident in my views, more than most are probably comfortable with their own faith.

I just don’t want the intense negative reaction that usually follows with being so open. He knows I’m constantly questioning and refuse to be disingenuous.

Over the last 20 years on the face of the game has undergone significant changes.

That’s just a fancy word for “I’m a fence-sitter.”The technical meaning of an agnostic is a person who does not have a definite belief about whether God exists or not.

However, please don’t mistake my lack of openness with being ashamed.I have doubts to whether Jesus was the Son of God, or a prophet.Jesus is someone who inspires me and I would love to live my life like Him. I love my husband, this country and our military with every fiber of my being.I’m the quiet one in the room who won’t participate in religious discussions or won’t offer a prayer at dinnertime, although I’ll bow my head out of respect.I’m the person who quietly excuses herself from the room if a television news station begins to teeter on the discussion of God given rights. The truth is, I have such respect for what others believe that I would be disingenuous in my actions if I participated.

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