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Similar to above example 6-digit variety, but with a larger serial number font.At least one example, 107752, demonstrates a circular production machine mark between the last two digits of the serial number, pictured below. Note that the Engelhard logo is slightly different than on other varieties.Unlike the 1996 US Silver Eagle, a meaningful percentage of these 1oz Engelhard bars were melted during the 1979/1980 silver spike.When comparing the relatively short 4,000,000 /- 1oz Engelhard bar run with the continuously increasing 525,000,000 to-date production US Silver Eagles, it is easy to recognize why many bullion investors and collectors continue to invest in these 1oz Engelhard bars.

Engelhard 1oz bars are, in general, the most common and available of all Engelhard sizes produced.These are similar to the above variety, except the Canadian ‘Bull’ Hallmark is now present. troy’ was removed, and some of the fonts appear to have changed slightly.This particular variety demonstrates an ‘A’ serial prefix, likely a prototype piece.Design appears to be exactly the same as the EI-9V, above, except in a 6-digit serial number variation without letter prefix and lacks the center dot in the Bull Logo.Also, the edges do not have a very tall border, making it more likely they will be worn prematurely from handling.

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Please see our entry for the first variety of IMPEX 1oz silver art bar that demonstrates a different reverse stamping. The series appears to have ceased production in the middle of the ‘FB’ serial numbers.

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