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A firm handshake shows the interviewer that you are confident, enthusiastic and positive.

A handshake is the beginning of a successful interview since many interviewers decide whether they will hire someone within the first 90 seconds of an interview. Practice the handshake on a few people before your interview to find the perfect handshake.

The goal is to look professional and confident, not over-the-top.

Stick to a neutral color pallet and tone down smells and accessories.

Research competitors, the position and the industry as a whole to show the potential employer you are serious about joining their team.

Casual attire suggests a casual attitude about the job.

An interviewer will remember feeling uncomfortable in your presence if their personal space is violated.

Upon arrival at the office, treat everyone present with equal respect.When armed with the right information, though, interviewees can relax and focus on what’s really important: selling a professional image and highlighting relevant experience.From before to during and after the interview, this guide brings practical tips from human resource managers and recruiters that can give job seekers an edge over the competition.Be as courteous with support staff as you are with your interviewer."There is nothing wrong with having a notebook full of notes; the person interviewing will think you've done your homework," said Sharon Hulce, President and CEO of Employment Resource Group.

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If you can't make it to your interview on time, it shows a potential employer that you are not reliable.

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