Advances dating no commitment

My parents/friends are always asking me when we'll move in and it makes me so upset and I seem to be crying at home all the time about the situation.It's the same with people getting engaged/having babies - it really gets me down (especially when they've been together less time than us).I'm really, really sorry you're in this stalemate but think it'll be better for you to make yourself available for somebody who does want what you want ... Have you ever clarified what you do want from life?

On the other hand I love him more than anything and it feels like my world is falling apart.

You may well be able to force him to set up home with you - either by emotional blackmail or leaving him!

- but how good will you feel about that, knowing he's compromised his own feelings?

She is very sociable and kindhearted; and is a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

Martina has brown eyes, 5'9" tall and 30C bust, everything to please you.

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