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What AOL's TOS must do is provide you with terms under which you license your stuff to AOL.Nowhere in the law does it say they have to give you a way to export the creations that you put into their system. You are not owed a say in any and every facet of life that touches you incidentally.A part of me can't wait to see the President whose entire life can be cherry-picked from various servers and datacenters. I'm not sure if there has been confirmation anywhere but it would be foolish to assume nobody is storing the messages you send on a closed platform.A part of me can't wait to see the President whose entire life can be cherry-picked from various servers and datacenters. ) to list of non-issues people use when choosing the leader of the free world! You don't know how it works so your only safe assumption is the worst case. But at least in theory, it’s possible for Google to access the images, since they’re stored on Google servers. If you save the snaps to your camera roll, then any app with photos permissions has access to them (along with any metadata). I am astounded of the faith people still have that companies and 3 letter agencies will not store and use their data forever, after all the revelations in the past years.Even if that's the case then that's not a privacy violation, no human ever can see how that's associated with a specific identity How can no human see the data that Google has?Google is not a magical place where machines cannot be compromised. This is ridiculous FUD, you're not compromising anybody's privacy by letting google drive do an OCR for you. If you care about rogue Google employees or other actors with 0-day exploits, then putting information into the hands of Google is a risk. The discussion is about rogue elements getting a Buddy List that was in AOL's hands, and therefore one should assume the TLAs already had it.That said, the first messages from my wife to me still make me smile, and I'm sure that my responses that make me cringe would make her smile.I am again reminded that "youngsters these days" pretty much no longer have this option unless their online footprint is actively managed from Day One. It can be quite disconcerting when it happens.(Or when you realise you're living in the aftermath of some previous Great Shift.)Sure, but the point is that they aren't retained, and in turn, leave young people in a position where they won't be blackmailed as adults for the shitty things they said as a teenager on platforms they thought were safe.

I found an old hard drive the other day and booted it up out of curiosity. It's a damn shame that an entire generation is growing up with their chat logs locked in the cloud. Or did you pay for it by letting them sell your data to third party vendors? It was just a different level of intimacy - I had so many longer and interesting, sometimes deep conversations through AIM (or through i Message hooked up with AIM).

Yes, you can manually save images and files to your computer until the morning of December 15, 2017.

Whatever you thought of AIM, it's stuff like this that makes you realize just how important software freedom is.

Unfortunately you are not able to save or export your Buddy List.

Your data associated with AIM will be deleted after December 15, 2017.

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