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For whatever reason, be it an aversion to natural selection and evolution, the debunking or explanation of many so-called “miracles,” or a bad grade in a freshman biology class, some Christians cling to the BC/AD system because of the symbolic superiority they feel it offers its adherents over science.Because when all else fails, one can always deny the facts and use different labels (i.e., “intelligent design”).Historians should take care to note the numerical difference of one year between "BCE" dates and astronomical dates.Astronomical date numbering was developed for astronomical calculations and is used extensively throughout this web site.

D." stand for "anno domini," meaning "in the year of our Lord," according to How Stuff Works. It is a centuries-old argument that some maintain is integral to one’s identity as a Christian. And I have spent far too much time on Wikipedia changing BCs and ADs back to BCEs and CEs.The calendar runs from the year Jesus Christ was born, which is 1 A. Because this method of dividing is Christian-centric, many historians and timelines use "B.

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However, Exiguus' dating system still lacks a "0" year which makes calendrical calculations awkward.

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