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She was someone I admired and respected and was beginning to love. And, of course, I believed that if we spent enough time together, I'd eventually change her mind. In either case, you're lucky: Coping with your fear the way most people do — avoidance — doesn't come at a cost to others. Public health depends on anti-vaxxers confronting their greatest fears for the benefit of others.

For South Africans applying for new passports for children, you will be encouraged to apply for an unabridged birth certificate at the same time, but the NEW passport will have details of the parents in it – and you will not have to travel with the birth certificate as well. The reason for these stringent regulations is because the government needs to establish the relationship between the minor and the adult(s) they are travelling with.It wasn't that I knew they were wrong about vaccines. I believed myself intellectually and morally superior to those people, and I reinforced that belief each time I left a comment or watched a vlog or republished a snarky article on the subject. A review of 166 independent studies confirms vaccines are safe and effective How anti-vaxxers have scared the media away from covering vaccine side effects 1 in 5 millennials think vaccines cause autism I met my wife nine years ago.I mastered a face, a kind of appalled, disapproving look for any time anybody even broached the subject of vaccine skepticism. I wanted to take up swing dancing and decided to take a private class to get over some of my anxiety. I had known her for more than a year the first time she mentioned that her daughter was not vaccinated.Lead paint, tobacco, bloodletting — every time we feel the urge to reply, "But vaccines are safe, everyone knows that," we ought to remember that the same sentence has been said, earnestly and confidently, about things that absolutely were hazardous.If you've come to believe that vaccines are dangerous, then anti-vax behavior follows almost rationally.

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