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Rivera also told the jury how one goes about becoming a gangbanger.There are two ways - one painless, the other painful, she said.For some, membership provided a sense of belonging and the gang became "kind of like their family." Under cross-examination by defense lawyer George Gretz, Ms.Rivera was pressed on the identities of the ringleaders.This is my first attempt at this and I'm not sure where to look or how to bring up replies should there be any.

Here's where you can meet singles in Florida, Florida.(read more) CARBONDALE — Police are looking for two people they say got away with a Turkey Hill cash drawer during an overnight armed robbery in the city, police said.Two robbers wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts walked in to the Turkey Hill on 8th Avenue at abou (read more) SCRANTON — Neil Regan woke up hours before sunrise to screeching tires, a series of bangs and then quiet.Late Friday, Scranton School District chief information officer Joe Brazil and district solicitor John Minora went all in on a losing hand.As crews ready the Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den at the Marketplace at Steamtown, Cliff Grosvenor’s dream is coming to life.(read more) SCRANTON — Not many 6-year-olds can say they skied down a double black diamond slope, but PJ Calabro conquered the difficult terrain during Montage Mountain’s final day of the season on Saturday.

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