1692 error updating bootrom

support/testing: Emulate a machine with 256MB RAM to fix issues with certain tests running out of memory, use virtio-rng to provide needed entrophy.pkg-stats: support outputting in JSON format with --json for easier post processing.#12076: Patchelf can link against an incompatible libc ver...2019.05.1, Released July 7th, 2019 Important / security related fixes.

toolchain: ARC toolchain updated to 2019.03 (binutils 2.32.51 / GCC 8.3.1 / glibc 2.29), ARM AAarch64/ARM toolchains updated to 2019.03.Updated/fixed packages: libxcb, php, python-numpy, webkitgtk, wpewebkit, xfont_font-util Issues resolved ( #12156: buildroot-2019.08-rc3 does not build for Pi Zero W 2019.08-rc3, released August 28th, 2019 Fixes all over the tree.Updated/fixed packages: clamav, dovecot, dovecot-pigeonhole, gcc, intel-microcode, libmicrohttpd, libmodplug, mpg123, nginx, openldap, python, qemu, samba4, squid, strace, vlc Issues resolved ( #11686: fbdev_drv.so: undefined symbol: shadow Update Packed Weak,..Infra: pkg-config: Use a dedicated timestamp file rather than .config as that gets touched by linux-4.19 , causing repeated builds.Add C-SKY support to our (gnuconfig) Updated/fixed packages: dosfstools, botan, brotli, dropbear, flare-engine, gst1-plugins-bad, libhtp, libnss, libopenssl, linuxptp, matchbox-panel, mender, mutt, netsurf, network-manager, opencv3, openjdk, openmpi, php, python-cython, qt5multimedia, qtwayland, qt5webkit-examples, supertux, suricata, tpm2-totp, v4l2loopback, wireshark, wpewebkit 2019.05-rc3, released May 25th, 2019 Fixes all over the tree.

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