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Hence, the birth of Surge and Lavender as its counterpart for lesbian and bisexual women.Claiming to be the #1 gay dating app is one hell of a bold move.Aside from the profile picture, you can also add five public photos of yourself and three private photos. As long as you are recognizable in them and they don't have any explicit content, these photos can be anything--may they be nature shots or group pictures.Note that only Premium Members can access the private photos you are willing to share.This can allude to the fact that the app's developers have been studying the trends of online dating that they only want what's best for their community.They want clear headshots of their users only--the more HD, the better.It has no frills, no fuss, and would absolutely take you less than half a minute to create an account. It is totally free and available on the App Store and Google Play.

Gay, bisexual, queer, or wherever you may be on the colorful spectrum of life, you don't have to put yourself in a box to fit in the LGBTQ dating scene, according to Surge.We certainly have the responsibility to don our investigator coat and see if this app is worth the membership fees and can actually provide you with real, solid dates.Is Surge actually one helluva of an app or is it all just hype? Surge has one of the easiest registrations in any dating app today.The tech company that had started it all was initially set out on an LGBTQ app which they named Lavender.Through sheer observation of trends and online dating experiences, the company has come to the conclusion that it is much more conducive to have specialized dating apps on sexuality.

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