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Not surprisingly, many Japanese girls/guys who are interested in practicing a foreign language are also quite interested and open to dating a guy/girl from that country.

Many times it’s a lot more like a coffee date than a language exchange.

And how do you interact with a nation of shy people who always seem to have their head down and nose buried in a book/iphone game?

Fear not, scratch your head in bewilderment no longer – as myself, Grace (famous for her “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy” story) and Martin of Asian Dating Monthly have put our heads together and distilled our combined two decades of Japanese dating experience to bring you these top tips, which will help you navigate the seas of romance in Japan.

You can usually find the events by doing a Google search for Tokyo international parties, with events like this popping up regularly, but it probably won’t be long before you get invited to one via Facebook.

Cheapos will be pleased to hear that many of them include a buffet which is almost worth the (typically around 2000yen) entry fee.

At the same time, like folks in most other developed countries, Japanese people have been inundated with media from America and are avid travelers.

This comes through in dating because Japanese girls are really flaky and often cancel at the last minute.However, because so few foreigners live in Japan, their best chance of meeting one in their normal lives is if they get lucky enough to have a native English (or other language) speaking teacher in junior high or high school.Many people will even go to English Conversation schools in the hopes of making foreign friends.As a guy looking to meet Japanese girls who are looking to meet foreign guys though, your best bets are what are called “International Parties” and “Language Exchanges”.“International Parties” are parties organized specifically to bring foreigners and Japanese folk together and give everyone the opportunity to meet and interact in a safer environment than clubs or bars provide, and are much more relaxed events that are usually held on Friday or Saturday evenings, with some events earlier in the afternoon.Many of the organizers also run other kinds of seasonal events as well.

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